Denture Repair Burgess Hill


As we are a full-service dental clinic, we are proud to offer denture repair to ensure that you keep that flawless smile. We understand, that just like your teeth, dentures are vital to your overall well-being. However, the longer the denture is worn, the more likely it will merit a visit to your dentist for repair. Since the gums and bone under a denture can change in time, they continue to shrink until the fit of the denture needs to be reset.

Specialists and technicians properly trained to repair dentures will make sure that dentures fit patient’s specifications. Hence, relining or revitalizing the denture is part of our denture repair in Burgess Hill.


Acrylic Dentures – these are the most common type of dentures made from different strengths of acrylic depending on what is required. As with all dentures nothing can quite replace natural teeth in the same way but with modern materials, an accurate impression and a good arrangement of denture teeth most people get on very well with acrylic dentures. Teeth can be added easily in a situation where a patient loses a natural tooth.

Chrome Dentures also referred to as metal dentures provide a greater strength than acrylic ones. Depending on the patient they usually cover less of the upper palate and less of the tissue in the lower arch. Tooth coloured clasps can be used so no metal clasps show when you smile.


At Elite Dental Studios Ltd., specialists work on dentures that need repair or readjustment, all done on the same day. There’s no need to fret as patients can wait in comfort while dentures are being repaired. Repairs might last longer, though. In such cases, patients are informed of the amount of time needed for the repair to be made.

Repairs would be done as quickly as possible, while at the same time not compromising on quality. Elite Dental Studios Ltd. assures patients that the best quality dental care is given at all times.


Dentures need to be readjusted. Changes in the jaw can come with age, and dentures would no longer have a proper fit as time goes by. Elite Dental Studios Ltd. will readjust dentures to make them fit again. No more worrying about ill-fitting dentures that fall off. A readjusted denture will be snug and comfortable, a great fit that will give that great smile filled with confidence. Patients can be assured that specialists at Elite Dental Studios Ltd. are more than capable of repairing or readjusting dentures. It is not recommended for patients to repair their own dentures as further damage might be made; thus, it will not fit properly. Specialists over at the clinic will work on the dentures, ensuring that they would be as good as the day they were first worn. Special dental acrylics and adhesives are used for repair.

Make that appointment to have dentures repaired or readjusted today. Elite Dental Studios Ltd. is open from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 AM to 5 PM. Call the clinic or visit the website to set the appointment.